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1 Walsh Crescent New Addington CRO 0BX POWER CLEANING

We Build all types of Patios - they are available in Many styles colours and textures - we can

Help, Guide and advise you to create

a patio that Can be

an asset to your property and add value for Years to come

We can transform blank and unused land into a design to be proud of …

We also  provide maintenance and

repair for all

Types of paving driveways patios

and paving

Our power cleaning services can leave surfaces in near new condition. We can also seal paving - restoring shine and Finish protecting your installation for years

to come


Theses before and after pictures show just what can be

achieved - normally we would clean all surfaces first then

work to restore colour Shine

and Sparkle - Extending the life of all types Paving

- Sealing protects surfaces from weather Damage and can save you money !!!

•Driveways •Paths  •Boarders HP1